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What I achieved in my business in 2017

What I achieved in my business in 2017

Well, I spent most of 2017 on maternity leave. 9 months minus 2 weeks in fact. Although my baby was born in 2016, he was born on Boxing Day, with less than a week left in the year. So it’s quite obvious what my biggest accomplishment of 2017 is! He makes my heart burst with pride. He’s an absolute cutie, an explorer, and a friend to everyone he meets.

Nine months of maternity leave gave me plenty of time to think about my business. Often during feeds and at unearthly hours in the middle of the night! I was apprehensive about getting back to it. But at the same time I was excited to be able to start implementing all the ideas I’d had during the break.

In the three months of 2017 that I’ve been back, I’ve done a mixture of client work, and spending time working on my business and laying a firm foundation for the year ahead. My accomplishments for 2017 are the things that I’m pleased that I invested my time in.

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