This is how I transform your website into something that will engage your customers

Design Process

My design process has four phases: discovery, design, development and delivery.

My design process has four phases: discovery, design, development and delivery.

Discovery phase

Business and branding questionnaire

Once you reach out to us, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get you thinking about your brand, business goals and your expectations for the project.

Consultation call

When you’ve completed the questionnaire, I organise a consultation call. The call normally lasts around half an hour and gives us a chance to get to know each other better and discuss your business.

Project proposal

If you think you’d like to move forward with the project, I’ll put together a project proposal and quote which outlines what I’m going to create for you (including a list of pages and key functionality), and what your investment will be. I’ll send over a copy of our Terms of Business for you to sign, as well as the first invoice.

Website content

I ask for the website body copy, brand images and website imagery upfront as it’s best to design the website around what you want to say, what you want your clients to know, and the customers’ journey towards your chosen calls-to-action.

Project timeline

Once I’ve received the text and images, I’m ready to start the design phase. We agree on a start date and timeline together so you know when the all important launch date will be.

Design phase


I’ll send you hand-drawn wireframes which outline the structure of the key pages. These show you which messages and calls-to-actions will be emphasised and gives you an idea of how the pages will fit together to create a cohesive website. We have a round of feedback after this, in case there are any changes you’d like to make.


If you’ve requested a branding package, I work on your brand’s moodboard, fonts, colours and combinations, and brand thesaurus, and put it all together in a beautiful set of brand guidelines.


I produce one design of the website homepage (or another key page if you prefer) and show you how it will look on a typical desktop device and mobile device. As your website will be viewed on hundreds of different screen sizes from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and 32″ monitors we limit it to just these two (we can provide additional mock-ups if requested). I believe in producing just one design that will really accomplish your goals and attract that types of customers you want.

Revisions and invoice

I send over the designs and discuss my vision for the website and why I’ve made particular design choices. We have up to two rounds of revisions at this point (although we might just need one!) and once the design is agreed upon, I’ll send the second invoice so we can proceed with the next phase.

Development phase

WordPress theme

I start putting the HTML and PHP together to create your WordPress theme. We set up a password-protected test website so that you can see our progress, and add all the content and images that you sent over. When we’re finished, we’ll let you have a final look over the whole website before the launch.

Delivery Phase

Going live

This is the most exciting part of the whole process! Once the final invoice has been paid, I install WordPress on your domain/hosting and copy everything from the test website to its new home. We share the new website on social media and put a case study on our website. Your new website is ready for the whole world to see!


We offer two weeks free maintenance post-launch. We offer a┬ámaintenance plan if you would like us to keep WordPress and the plugins up-to-date, or can hire us for hourly work if you’ve got new ideas you’d like us to help bring to life.

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