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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions I’m most commonly asked. If you have a question that’s not answered below, please get in touch.

How many different mock-ups will you provide?

I produce one design of the website homepage (or another key page if you prefer) and show you how it will look on a typical desktop, and a mobile device. As your website will be viewed on hundreds of different screen sizes from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and 32″ monitors, I limit the mock-ups to just these two, but of course the website once finished will look great in all these sizes. I believe in producing one design that will really accomplish your goals and attract that types of customers you want. If you would like a mock-up designed for a particular screen size, we can create one for you. You can read more about our design process here.

How many revisions will you do?

We have a round of feedback after we send you the wireframes of the key pages, in case there are any changes you’d like to make. Once we’ve sent over the mock-ups of the homepage there will be two rounds of revisions. Any extra rounds of revisions will incur a additional cost.

Can you create different versions of the homepage that we can choose from?

I only provide one version, but it will be the best design; one which we believe is the most effective at accomplishing the goals of the project, representing your brand, and attracting your ideal customers. I will keep refining our designs until we have one clear direction to present to you.

Who will write the content?

I believe that the person that knows your business the best is you, so we ask you to write the text for the website. If you would prefer to hire someone to help you with this, we can put you in touch with some excellent copywriters.

How long will my website take to make?

Websites vary greatly in complexity and the time it will take to create will depend on a number of factors including the amount of content, the number of pages and the number of template. However, we’ve found it usually takes around 5 to 7 weeks to design and build a typical WordPress theme. We can give a good estimation in the proposal, and once you’ve provided us with the website content and images we will set a start date and launch date.

How soon can we start the project?

We kick off the process with a questionnaire to get you thinking about your brand and your expectations for the project, and then have a consultation call, after which we’ll send over your proposal and quote. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll agree on a start date and put together a concrete project timeline, once you’ve provided the bodycopy, logo and images.

What will you need from me to start the project?

I like all clients to complete a questionnaire to help us get to know your business, and ask you to provide us with the bodycopy and images for the pages we’ve agreed upon. You should also send over your logo and brand guidelines if you have them. It’s useful to have logins for your hosting and domain and this point, and WordPress logins to your current site if you have one.

Do you provide hosting and domains?

We don’t pay for or manage your hosting and domains but I can recommend some great companies who can provide this for you. We’re a small company and these services require a lot of manpower: dedicated hosting companies have people working day and night so you can get support whenever you need it. I will transfer the design to the hosting/domain once the final invoice has been paid.

What browsers do you support?

I support the latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. There are hundreds of different browsers and devices, so if you’d like us to test on a particular browser or device (for example if you use a specific browser in your school or office) we can put together an additional quote. I don’t guarantee that the website will look exactly the same in every browser we support, as they each have their own quirks and limitations, but I will make sure it looks great in all of them.

What are your business hours?

I’m available from 8:30am til 3:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You can always send me an email out of these hours, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Will you ask for the payment up front?

Although it varies from project to project, we typically ask for 25% of the total investment at the beginning of the project. Then 25% after the designs have been agreed upon, and the final 50% once the website is built, before it goes live.

Can I add new pages/blog posts/testimonials/images etc?

Once your website is up and running, I can provide a quote to add content for you, or you can log in to the site and add it yourself if you wish.

Can I add a shop/membership area/blog later down the line?

Yes, our WordPress themes are very adaptable and I’m happy to put together a quote for you to add something new.

Will another developer be able to work with your theme in the future?

Yes, we use HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery and PHP to build our themes, and make sure our code is easy to read so any competent WordPress theme developer will be able to make alterations.

Will you set up a WordPress theme I've bought?

For new websites, I only work with bespoke themes, as after seven year of experience I’ve found it’s usually not very long before you want the theme to do something it wasn’t meant to. It’s possible to create a child theme, duplicate the relevant templates and make the changes on there, but it’s often very time consuming even for the simplest change and it may break when the theme designers make an update. By building our own themes we have full flexibility on every template.

We want a Squarespace/Drupal/Joomla site - will you build it for us?

I specialise in WordPress websites but can put you in touch with other designers if you want your website to be built on a platform other than WordPress.

Do you do hourly work?

Yes, if you want changes making to your WordPress website send us an email and I’ll put together a quote for you.

Will you design a logo for us?

I create most of the design elements for your website (graphics, buttons, icons etc) but recommend that you hire a logo designer as they specialise in creating something that’s versatile, scalable and unique. The logo is often the basis for the rest of your branding so I prefer to have it before I start designing your website.

Do you design print collateral (business cards, flyers etc)?

No, I concentrate on what I do best: creating beautiful websites that connect with your customers. However, we can put you in touch with designers that can help you with this and are happy to share details of which fonts and colours I’ve used on the website with them.

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