Baby Care Website: The Essential Parent Company Case Study

The Essential Parent Company was created by Dr Rebecca Chicot a Cambridge PhD in Child Development and Parenting, and Diana Hill, an award-winning BBC science documentary film-maker, who saw the need for visual baby care guides and realised that they had exactly the right background to make them. Their products include online video and DVD courses, printed books and e-books, and audio courses.

What They Wanted

The Essential Parent Company had a number of different websites, and wanted to combine the information into one central website. Rebecca and Diana had produced a number of visual mockups of the new website design, including the homepage, interior pages, courses page and blog.

How We Helped

Matching Mockups

It was important that the new website matched the mockups, as they had performed well in initial testing. We were careful to match the designs provided to us while building the site, and created other templates, that we didn’t have mockups for,  in the same style.

Responsive Design

Although the mockups were static images, the design needed to be responsive so it could be read easily by mobile phone and tablet users. I resized elements added features such as a menu button on mobile to make it more user-friendly on smaller screen sizes.

What We Created