Church Website Design: Poplars Church Case Study

Poplars Church is lively church based in Worksop, North Nottinghamshire. The church was formed over 50 years ago, and is very active in the local community, with a yard-sale, a drop-in for people and their families with dependency problems, and street pastors.

What They Wanted

Poplars Church asked us to redesign their site so it would be easier to update by a number of people in the Church. Some of the information on the website was hard to find, so they wanted the site structure changed, and they wanted the Church website design to have a fresh, modern feel. They had tried create a Wix website but had found it too difficult to use and very time-consuming to get it to look exactly how they wanted it to.

How We Helped

Easy To Add New Content

The old website was a static HTML site which made it tricky to update for anyone without HTML knowledge. Some of the Church leaders were interested in blogging, which couldn’t be done on the static site. We designed a new site and built it on WordPress, which means they can now add/edit pages with a Microsoft Word style editor. We also integrated a blog onto the site so they could add news, notices, thoughts and sermons.


People were getting confused between the office (the Church’s working base), and The Golden Ball (where the Sunday Church services take place). We made a footer (which appears on every page), which clearly shows visitors where to go if they wanted to come along to the Sunday morning meetings, and where they need to contact if they want to get in touch with the office.

Spread The Load

There are now six people who have the ability to make changes to the site, which has spread the load of updating the site. Different people need to be able to update different things and so some users see a stripped-down version of the dashboard, with fewer options.


The old site was hard to read on a mobile device, but the new site is responsive and easier to read on phones and tablets.

What We Created


What They Thought

“We are truly very satisfied. We were listened to and thus got the website we really felt we needed. After sales service has been exemplary. Liz does what she says she will do and then some. Teething problems – bound to occur – were ironed out smoothly and rapidly. On a number of occasions the problem was sorted on the site before I had put the phone down. Talk to her, I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

Pete Hardy, Poplars Church Leader